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Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate

License: Shareware; $59.95 to buy
Last Update: 2010-03-28
Editor's rating:
OS: Windows XP, Vista (including 64 Bit), Windows 7
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Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate is a massive working platform which cuts in the scope of multimedia decoding & encoding, legitimate copyright circumventing, DVD decrypting & authoring, and media file transferring for personal use.It integrated up to 7+ independent function units, like DRM removal; DVD ripper; DVD burner; media converter; ringtone maker; media transfer.
The outstanding feature of this DRM remover is that it supports most DRM video Audio files: WMA/WMV/M4A/ M4B/M4P/M4V/ASF, HD video: M2TS, TP, TRP, TS, AVI... and other popular common media. With this excellent DRM free removal software, you can strip DRM license protection from WMV WMA iTunes, etc and enjoy all music and movies on any digital players: iPod, Creative ZEN, Zune, iPhone, PSP, Archos, Blackberry Storm, Cell Phone, etc. without restriction.
Output Device Supported
iPod Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPod Video H.264(*.mp4)
iPod Touch MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPod Touch 2(480P) for TV(*.mp4)
iPod Touch 2(576P) for TV(*.mp4)
iPod Video 2(480P) for TV(*.mp4)
iPod Nano MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPod Classic MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPhone Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPhone 3G Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
iPhone 3G MOV 640 x 480(*.mov)
iPhone 3G S Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
Apple TV MPEG-4 720*432(*.mp4)
Apple TV MPEG-4 512*384(*.mp4)
Apple TV H.264 720*480(*.mp4)
Apple TV H.264 1280*720(*.mp4)
Sansa e200 serise(*.mov)
Sansa View(*.avi)
Sansa View(*.mp4)
Sansa View(*.wmv)
Sansa Fuze(*.mp4)
Zune Video - Windows Media Video(*.wmv)
Zune 2(640*480) WMV Video(*.wmv)
Zune 2 (640*480) MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4)
Zune HD MP4 Video (*.mp4)
Zune HD WMV Video (*.wmv)
Archos Player Video(*.avi)
Archos 5/7 AVI Video(*.avi)
Archos 5/7 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Archos 605/704/705 AVI Video(*.avi)
Archos 605/704/705 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Archos 504/604 AVI Video(*.avi)
Archos 504/604 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Archos 404/405 AVI Video(*.avi)
Archos 404/405 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Archos AV500/AV700 AVI Video(*.avi)
Archos AV500/AV700 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Archos 105 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Creative ZEN VPLUS AVI Video(*.avi)
Creative ZEN Player AVI Video(*.avi)
Creative ZEN Player WMV Video(*.wmv)
Creative ZEN Player MPEG-1 Video (*.mpg)
Creative ZEN Player MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)
Creative ZEN Player MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
PSP Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
PSP H.264 Movie(*.mp4)
PS3 Video(480P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
PS3 Video(720P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
PS3 Video(1080P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
PSP 3000 MP4 Video (*.mp4)
PSP 3000 AVI Video(*.avi)
PSP Go Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
PSP Go Video H.264(*.mp4)
PSP Go AVI Video(*.avi)
Xbox 360 WMV Video(*.wmv)
Xbox 360 Video (640*480)(*.wmv)
Wii AVI Video (*.avi)
NDS - DPG2 Video(*.dpg)
Walkman Video(*.mp4)
BlackBerry Strom series(*.mp4)
BlackBerry Strom series(*.wmv)
BlackBerry Bold 9000(*.mp4)
BlackBerry Bold 9000(*.wmv)
BlackBerry AVI series(*.avi)
BlackBerry 3GP series(*.3gp)
BlackBerry MP4 series(*.mp4)
BlackBerry WMV series(*.wmv)
Mobile Phone Video - 3GP(*.3gp)
Mobile Phone Video - 3GPP(*.3g2)
3rd Generation Partnership Project - 3GP (*.3gp)
3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 - 3GPP (*.3g2)
Sony Ericsson MPEG4 series(*.mp4)
Samsung 3GP series(*.3gp)
Samsung MPEG4 series(*.mp4)
Motorola MPEG4 series(*.mp4)
LG MPEG4 series(*.mp4)
Gphone Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
Gphone Video H.264(*.mp4)
Gphone Video H.263(*.3gp)
Gphone Video - WMV(*.wmv)
Palm Pre Video WMV(*.wmv)
Palm Pre Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)
Palm Pre Video 3GP H.263(*.3gp)
iRiver Video(*.wmv)
Dell Player Video(*.wmv)
HP iPAQ Video(*.wmv)
General Pocket PC Video(*.wmv)
Nokia 3GP series(*.3gp)
Nokia MP4 series(*.mp4)
Nokia FLV series(*.flv)
Nokia WMV series(*.wmv)
Input File Format Supported
Video Apple Video files: *.m4v
Windows Media Video: *.wmv, *.asf
MPEG4 files: *.mp4
MPEG files: *.mpg; *.mpeg
Flash Video files: *.flv
Mobile Phone 3GP files: *.3gp
Quick Time files: *.mov
Windows AVI Video files: *.avi
Common VOB files: *.vob
Video CD files: *.dat
MKV Files: *.mkv
High-definition files: *.m2ts; *.tp; *.trp; *.ts
Audio Apple Music files: *.m4a; *.m4b; *.m4p; *.m4r
Audible audio files: *.aa
MPEG Audio Files: *.mp3;*.m4a;*.mp2;*.mp
Windows Media Audio File: *.wma
Advanced Audio Coding File: *.aac
Audio Code 3 File: *.ac3
Matroska Audio File: *.mka
Ogg Vorbis Audio File: *.ogg
Audio Interleave File Formats: *.aiff
Real Audio Files: *.ra;*.ram
Lossless Audio Files: *.wav;*.ape;*.flac
Output File Format Supported
Common Video ASF - Advanced Streaming Format(*.asf)
MOV - QuickTime(*.mov)
MPEG-1 Movie - NTSC (*.mpg)
MPEG-1 Movie - PAL (*.mpg)
MPEG-1 Movie - SECAM (*.mpg)
MPEG-2 Movie - NTSC (*.mpg)
MPEG-2 Movie - PAL (*.mpg)
MPEG-2 Movie - SECAM (*.mpg)
MPEG-4 Movie(*.mp4)
MP4 AVC (*.mp4)
MPEG-4(MC) Movie(*.mp4)
WMV - Windows Media Video(*.wmv)
MKV(Matroska) Video (*.mkv)
AVI-Audio-Video Interleaved(Xvid)(*.avi)
DV-Digital Video Format(*.dv)
DVD-Video Format - NTSC(*.vob)
DVD-Video Format - PAL(*.vob)
DVD-Video Format - SECAM(*.vob)
FLV MPEG-4 Movie(*.f4v)
Flash Video Format(*.flv)
SWF-SWF Format(*.swf)
HD Video HD TS Video(*.ts)
HD MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4)
HD H.264 Video(*.mov)
HD MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg)
HD VOB Video(*.vob)
HD H.264 Video(*.mp4)
HD ASF Video(*.asf)
HD AVI Video(*.avi)
HD WMV Video(*.wmv)
Audio M4A - MPEG-4 Audio(*.m4a)
M4B - MPEG-4 Audio(*.m4b)
MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*.mp3)
AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3(*.ac3)
WMA - Windows Media Audio(*.wma)
WAV - Waveform Audio(*.wav)
OGG - Ogg Vorbis Audio(*.ogg)
APE - Monkey's Audio(*.ape)
MKA(Matroska) Audio (*.mka)
AAC- Advanced Audio Coding(*.aac)
SUN AU Format(*.au)
AIFF-Audio Interchage File Format(*.aiff)
FLAC-Free Lossless Audio Codec(*.flac)
System Requirements
Components Recommended Configuration
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
(installation of all recent updates is recommended)
CPU 1GHz or above Intel or AMD processor
RAM 512 MB or above
Free Hard Disk Space 1GB above
Sound Card 16-bit or 24-bit sound card compatible with HDCD or 5.1 channel audio.
Such as Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 or Sound Blaster Audigy;
Echo Audio Layla24 or Mona; M-Audio Delta 1010, Delta 1010-LT or Delta 410
Graphic Card DirectX compatible graphic card
Monitor XGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor
Sound Output Device Speakers or earphone
Software Windows Media Player
DirectX 9.0 or above
iTunes or above