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How to use coupon code?

We have many products sold on our website. Usually, we choose ten popular products and supply 50% discount to our customers every month. How to use coupon code to get discount price? Let me show you in details.

When you want to buy a discount product from our website, you can click "Discount" button on the upper right corner of the page, then choose a product and click the "Buy Now" button, and then you'll see the order page:

Enter Coupon Code

You should fill in all the required boxes. Among these boxes, there is one called "Coupon Code"(marked with a red box), you should fill it with the coupon code that we show you on the discount's page.

Then click the blue button "Update", you'll get the discount price:

Get Discount Price

After filling all of the required boxes, you can order the software with a discount price successfully.